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PUMAS - Planning Sustainable Regional-Urban Mobility in the Alpine Space

Alpine Space cities face common urban mobility challenges which call for innovative and cost-effective mobility solutions.

The Alpine Space is a region with continued growth, including increased passenger and freight transport. It suffers both from large volumes of cross-Alpine and seasonal traffic as well as sprawl from its cities to the countryside.

The PUMAS project offers solutions to these challenges. It coordinates the development of the Sustainable regional-Urban Mobility Planning (SUMP) concept which the European Commission strongly promotes and, in its 2011 Transport White Paper, even suggests as a mandatory approach.

According to http://www.mobilityplans.eu, the SUMP approach follows the following steps:


  • > Preparation
  • > Goal Setting
  • > Elaborating the Plan
  • > Implementing the Plan

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In PUMAS, the SUMP approach is translated to the specific needs of the Alpine space. This website, the Alpine SUMP Community, collects experiences with SUMP in the Alpine Space and beyond. Sign up and contribute your experience. Become an active member and shape the SUMP in the Alpine Space.